December 20, 2015 To all members of the International 5.5m Class Association: The year 2015 draws to an end and it is with great satisfaction that we can look back to challenging races on an international and national level. Read more..

55 November 27, 2015 The Swiss stand of the 5.5m class had an incredible success during the boat show in Geneva! Read more..

55 November 21, 2015 UPDATE! Those 5. Read more..

November 20, 2015 Jesper Bank, Soling Goldmedalist among the many trophies he won in his sailing career, will be making his debut in the Int. 5. Read more..

55 October 12, 2015 5-Nations-Cup Modern winner BAH 21 During this year a total of 22 Modern boats, 10 Evolution boats and 8 Classic boats have been accumulating low points in at least one of the 5 dedicated regattas for the 5-Nations-Cup. The Nations visited by travelling boats have been Italy, Canada, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. Read more..

55 September 13, 2015 The Wessel & Vett Cup in Copenhagen is a Metre Class regatta for 12m boats, to which the 5.5's had been invited this year by Patrick Howaldt. Read more..

September 11, 2015 To all members of the International 5.5m Class Association At the Annual General Meeting in Nynäshamn you elected me as your new president. Read more..

September 8, 2015 September 8th, 2015 - After five days of intense fleet racing and 8 races in the beautiful archipelago of Nynäshamn, Sweden, ‘Artemis XIV’ helmed by Norwegian sailor Kristian Nergaard and his crew composed of Johan Barne and Trond Solli Säther wins this year edition of the 5.5 Metre World Championship with the perfect score of 7 points. Read more..

55 August 14, 2015 It was the 15th anniversary of a German Open in the 5.5m Class after the restart of the class in Germany in 2001. Read more..

55 August 14, 2015 It was the 15th anniversary of a German Open in the 5.5m Class after the restart of the class in Germany in 2001. Read more..

July 26, 2015 This summer, the crews of SUI 214 and SUI 227 went for a special testing sequence. On "oily" water in very early morning they towed the boats, to compare the resistance at different speed and also to compare with software the resistance predictions. Read more..

June 21, 2015 In Ontario, boats from Canada and the USA met for the second edition of the "North American 5.5m regatta", at Midland Bay Sailing Club on Lake Huron. Read more..

June 7, 2015 From humble beginnings, the 5.5m Class in Germany has developed favourably over the last 15 years. Read more..

June 2, 2015 The 5.5m Italian Open Championship took place in Moniga del Garda on May 15 to 17, 2015 7 boats participated in the regatta this year with SUI 100 Cybele II ultimately winning the championship overall. Read more..

55 May 28, 2015 And we are not referring to the Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation shown on Fanny Brouchoud’s picture below - certainly one of the greatest aircraft designs of all times - but we are talking about the well-known and proven 5.5m Sebastien Schmidt design and the innovative, light displacement new 5. Read more..

May 22, 2015 In preparations for the Scandinavian Gold Cup and the World's in Nynäshamn, we have the pleasure to announce that we will have participants from Australia, flying in to join the August event. You will be meeting with Martin & Anna (AUS 29), who will be joined by Bob (AUS 32), the current Australian 5. Read more..

55 April 22, 2015 “The decision was made last year during the Worlds in Porto Santo Stefano, Mark (Holowesko) and I are ordering a new 5.5m and it’s going to be a Seb Schmidt design and a Wilke built” explains Peter Vlasov. Read more..

55 April 25, 2015 BAH 21 “New Moon” wins the 2015 Alpen Cup, regatta that traditionally marks the start of the Intermational 5.5m racing season. Read more..

March 14, 2015 The crew is planning for June! Just depending on where you are on Earth right now, the weekends can be snow covered or warm, yet, both sunny. Read more..

5.5 March 16, 2015 In continuation of 5.5m boat show presence, after the Nautique Suisse - where SUI 222 was on display - now it was time for the Dutch 5. Read more..

January 10, 2015 The 5.5m Class community can have a look at the latest boat being built at Wilke in Switzerland. Read more..

2014 Dan Rossi 5.5m design - update
Promotion time - Steps 2 & 3
The next generation
Promotion time - Hanseboot in Hamburg
Rossi 5. Read more..