May 28, 2015


And we are not referring to the Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation shown on Fanny Brouchoud’s picture below - certainly one of the greatest aircraft designs of all times - but we are talking about the well-known and proven 5.5m Sebastien Schmidt design and the innovative, light displacement new 5.5m Alain Marchand design which launched last year, in 2014.

For many years now, no other designers than Seb Schmidt has been capable of bringing a boat to the top finishers in a regatta.

This era of supremacy might very well be over now.

Indeed, this past weekend in Rolle, on the Lake of Geneva, SUI 227 “CinqueCinque” with designer and sailor Alain Marchand at her helm claimed the victory of the 41st Coupe de la Harpe. A victory that demonstrates once again how competitive our class is, not only on the water but also on the drawing board.

This sounds very promising for the evolution and the future of our class!

Final results of the 41st Coupe de la Harpe

1. SUI 227 - CinqueCinque (Marchand-Hayoz-Staub)
2. SUI 226 - Shaolin (Kellenberger-Burger-Kindlimann)
3. SUI 214 - Caracole (Haissly-Stampfli-Inacio)
4. SUI 215 - Rana (Treib-Ruefenacht-Rupp)
5. SUI 223 - Nina (Saurer-Saurer-Roeseler)
6. SUI 175 - Bellagioia (De Rutte-Mac Gillyguddy-Saudan)
7. SUI 213 - Pungin (Schmid-Durr-Johnson)