November 20, 2015

Jesper Bank, Soling Goldmedalist among the many trophies he won in his sailing career, will be making his debut in the Int. 5.5m Class at the 2016 World Championship in Copenhagen, aboard the New Nordic 5.5m design.

Designed by Johan Joensen, built by boatbuilder Joergen Jensen, nautical engineered by Hoegni Joensen, equipped with Elvstroem Epex sails and sailed by Jesper Bank, this will be a true Danish project.

In 1966 Paul Elvstroem won in the 5.5m World Championship in Copenhagen aboard 5.5 DEN 11 "Web III". 50 years later, the aim for another Danish win is clearly set. The Scandinavian Gold-Cup will for sure be on the target list as well.

The Royal Danish Yachtclub (KDY) will be celebrating its 150th Anniversary in 2016 and has invited the Int. 5.5m Class to share this historic moment.

It is such an honour that with this enthousiasm and 50 years later, we are hoping to top the good number of 47 boats that were on the starting line in 1966.

Dock rumours emerge that other Danish regatta sailors started purchasing Modern 5.5's, to enter the event.

The new Danish design will be meeting with another new 5.5m boat currently being built in Saltsjöbaden at the Sune Carlsson Batvarv. A Hakan Södergren design: 5.5 SWE 66 "Wasa V" is adding to the exciting and revitalized Scandinavian development for our construction class.

More information about both boats will be following.

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