December 20, 2015

To all members of the International 5.5m Class Association:

The year 2015 draws to an end and it is with great satisfaction that we can look back to challenging races on an international and national level.

Our thanks go not only to the participants but particularly to the host clubs, race officials, jury members, and volunteers who made each event a success.

In 2015 we sailed the Worlds in Sweden and witnessed a renaissance of the Class there, and looking to the 2016 Worlds in Copenhagen we know already of a growing interest in that country.

Similar movements are taking place in the U.S. and Canada.

These examples do show the popularity of the 5.5m boats on an international level compared to other classes and the tremendous enthusiasm and energy deployed by each national fleet and its members.

This work on a national level remains the backbone of our Class Organization and deserves our continued attention and support.

The German and Swiss Fleets had an outstanding success in showing boats at the Hamburg and Geneva Boat Shows respectively.

This is certainly a marketing tool which could be of interest to other Fleets.

In looking forward I am happy to see that our race calendar for 2016 is taking shape with only a couple of dates missing. You will find an overview of the international and main national races by clicking here.

It may be useful to recall the decisions taken and proposals for the World Championships 2016-­2019:

2016 COPENHAGEN ,DENMARK - confirmed at the AGM 2015
2017 NASSAU ,BAHAMAS - confirmed at the AGM 2015
2018 COWES,UK - to be confirmed at the AGM 2016
2019 HELSINKI, FINLAND - to be confirmed at the AGM 2016

For 2017 we plan to organize an European Championship. Deauville on the French atlantic coast is interested in principle, we have still to find out if that year is suitable for them.

Our Bahamian fleet wanted to put forward some proposals for shipping dates and costs. Once I receive these I will forward them to each fleet.

During the several month I had the honor to be your president, I was very pleased to receive news from fleets around the world and particularly lots of support from the officers of your Class. We had a fun farewell dinner for Kaspar in Hamburg and it is my pleasure to let you know that Kaspar has agreed to continue his much appreciated work for the 5.5m archive and to be available to assist in the preparation of the Copenhagen and Cannes races next year.

The Season 2016 looks most interesting with great locations to race your boats.

In the hope to see many of you during 2016,

I remain with my best wishes and seasonal greetings,