65June 13, 2016

Dear 5.5m Sailors and Class Officers,

Royal Danish Yacht Club is looking very much forward to welcome the 5.5m Class and sailors to a series of events in Skovshoved, Copenhagen during the period 16th to 26th August, which also will be organized as a part of the celebration of our 150 year anniversary, as the oldest sailing club in Denmark, and one of the oldest in Northern Europe.

The event will take place from Skovshoved Harbor, a modern and functional harbor, situated close to Copenhagen Downtown with only 20 min drive to Tivoli and the main shopping areas. The clubhouse forms a natural meeting point and walking distances are short.

Race area will be North of Skovshoved Harbor with a maximum of 1 hours sailing to reach the race areas.

The weather in Copenhagen at that time of year is usually great with an average temperature of 18-20 Celsius and average wind of 8,5 knots from the west. On sunny days the sea breeze will build and sometimes reach 20-25 knots.

The Scandinavian Gold Cup, Royal Kaag Classic Cup and Hankö Evolution Cup will be a part of the Wessel & Vett Cup, which will include 12mR, 8mR, 6mR and 5.5m Classes: http://wesselvettcup.dk/

The World Championship 2016 will take place the following week, also from Skovshoved Harbor.

We are looking very much forward to welcome 5.5m sailors from all over the world to Copenhagen.

At the moment we have 16 boats for the World Championship, but we hope to welcome a fleet between 30-40 boats at the starting line.

For the other events we also have some registrations for the other events, and would like to welcome many more boats, also for the first part of the regatta.

We hope that you will help us to spread the information about all those events to the sailors in the class, as quickly as possible.

May we kindly remind you that entry deadline is July 1st 2016.

Late entries will be accepted until July 20th, but with a higher late entry fee.

Please find all necessary information here:

Event Website: http://55mworlds16.dk/

Notice of Race (direct link): http://55mworlds16.dk/nor.html

Registration (direct link): http://55mworlds16.dk/register.html

Participants (direct link): http://55mworlds16.dk/participants.html

Accommodation (direct link): http://55mworlds16.dk/accommodation.html

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

Dan Ibsen, executive director

Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub / Royal Danish Yachtclub