July 1, 2016

In Saltsjöbaden, this most beautiful Swedish harbour in the Stockholm skerries - best known for the KSSS Clubhouse and for the Sune Carlsson Batvarv, the SWE 66 team have revealed their choice of transport, to approach Copenhagen.

The answer is simple: Weight of the boat has been cut down to 2,05kg, modern boat building technologies helped to reach the aim. Inside ballast will be added upon arrival…

Back to reality: The Class is happy to see an entirely new design joining the worldwide fleet of 5.5m boats, an encouraging step to hopefully let others follow suit.

So far the list of entries for the 2016 World’s in Skovshoved, North of Copenhagen, is topping 30 boats already, but will reach near 40 in the end.

Sweden will, after some years, be represented again at the Scandinavian Gold Cup, meeting with 8-9 representatives from other Nations.

Those not yet decided to travel, may want to enter for the World’s now, as otherwise they will be missing an extraordinary event.

Our Swedish friends can for sure consult on transport options.