90December 1, 2016

Dear members,

What an eventful year we had!

Many races on a national and international level were staged successfully- I was fortunate to witness a number of them myself.

The highlight were the Gold-, Royal Kaag Classic-, Hankoe Evolution- Cups and the World Championship hosted by the Royal Danish Yacht Club in Copenhagen-Skovshoved.

We had eight Nations competing for the Gold Cup and 35 boats racing in the Worlds out of 39 registered. The participation was excellent, the races very challenging - seven winners of eight races confirmed the high quality of helmsmen and crews. The first Evolution and Classics did mingle regularly with the Moderns, showing how competitive the Class is.

We had a well attended and constructive AGM were future venues for International Races were decided. The World Championship 2017 in the Bahamas had for unforseeable reasons to be cancelled. The Yacht Club de l'Odet did immediately agree to upgrade the planned European- to a World Championship, which will take place early September 2017.

The World Championship 2018 will take place in Cowes, hosted by the Royal Thames Yacht Club.

The members did also ask for more information on the interpretation of our scantling rules.

A lively exchange of opinions ensued since, and as it stands, your Committee is awaiting in due course the guidance of our governing body 'World Sailing' (the former ISAF).

The Season 2017 is ahead of us and after the usual maintenance duties during the winter months we are all very much looking forward to many challenging national and international races in the New Year.

In the meantime a number of fleets did showcase with great success our Class in National Boatshows, a much appreciated way of making our Class known to a wider and very knowledgeable public.

Our Australian friends enjoyed already the first races of their season.

I am very much looking forward to seeing many of you in the New Year, and I remain with my best wishes for the Season, and fair winds for 2017,