December 2, 2016

The Swiss 5.5m Class was represented at the Salon Nautique du Léman boat show at Palexpo in Geneva in November.

What a fantastic success!

18,200 visitors coming from Switzerland and France enjoyed the 3-day exhibition. A 13.75% increase from last year edition!

Thanks to Fanny and Alain, SUI 227 'CinqueCinque' was on display, fully rigged, for people to look at and get a better feeling of what a 5.5 is all about.

The show was also a great opportunity for the Swiss fleet representatives to network with sailors. Some of them will be joining us next year aboard classic or evolution boats others are interested in crewing or try a modern boat.

The 5.5m Swiss class promotion will continue at SwissNautic in Bern in February 2017.

Photos and report (edited) by Alain Marchand.