March 13, 2017

Preparing for the Summer season, Swedish water sports enthusiasts have attended the Stockholm boat show in early March. On prominent display was 5.5 SWE 66 "Wasa V", exhibited by the Sune Carlsson boatyard.

The newly shaped ballast of the boat could be seen, the bulb is gone. The respective chain-saw picture had been posted by Leif in the net, before. Improved performance is expected.

Already at the end of January another meeting for seasonal planning had been taking place in Stockholm, at a gathering of owners & crew of SWE 64 and SWE 65 with a visitor from Germany.

In a unique Stockholm downtown bar & restaurant with live music, talks were on about pros&cons of Kieler Woche as well as on options to combine the "Edelholz Regatta" (Berlin 5.5mR Championship) in early July with plans to travel on to France, for the World's, later in summer. Intermediate storage for the boats will be looked out for.