March 14, 2017

Congratulations to Jason Antill and crew Damo and Mike in Baragoola from RPAYC - our new national champions and Silver Cup winners.

Second and Gold Cup winner was RPAYC's Skagerak with Bob Stoddard, Brak and Jamie.

Third was Antares with Martin Cross, Mark H and Tim, also from RPAYC with Kings Cross (Vaucluse) and Pam (Manly) a close 4th and 5th.

New to the class, Robert Hart in Marotte from RPAYC won the last race in a drifter downwind finish to finish in 6th spot overall.

Unfortunately Robbie retired from the racing after the first race with spinnaker halyard issues.

Thank you to Vaucluse club and race staff for a great series. Many thanks as well to Tannis for her wonderful photography and tech skills and to other contributors Marto and Damo.


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