11April 4, 2017

Making an utmost effort to please sailors on the Lake of Thun and their fellow visitors, local hens have been breeding eggs again, magically providing images of the 5.5m logo for the upcoming Easter Regatta ("Osterregatta"), traditionally hosted by TYC.

Reading the calendar carefully, races will take place on FRIDAY 14th April and SATURDAY 15th April, despite the annual NOR of TYC talking about Saturdays & Sundays, in general. Make a note now, that such deviation will also apply to "Herbstpreis" in October, which will have extended racing on FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY, this year.

Back to the Easter timing: On Friday evening it will be time for the joyful "Eiertütschen" ceremony, not more to be told here; be there or be square.

On the registration list we do already have participants from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Early registration does help the local club enormously. In one past Easter Regatta on Thursday the entry list was showing 3 boats and the next day 11 boats were racing. Please do contribute with your early entry!


For those, wishing to race the "Alpen Cup" later in the month, the "Osterregatta" of TYC can be a perfect "tune-up".

Ladies & Gentlemen, start your engines!