September 5, 2017


Gurvan Jaouen (FRA 47)

It started Tuesday under a magnificent breton weather with blue sky and warm air then on Sunday the weather became another way typical of Brittany with heavy rain and strong winds.

The Prize giving of the Cups and the World’s opening saw the fleet congratulate the first winners of the event.

They benefited of an excellent racing organization from the band of volounteers of the Yacht Club de l’Odet, associated with fair winds and weak current providing a lot of tactical options.

A fleet of 6 started to fight on Wednesday for the old Scandinavian Gold Cup (established in 1919), representing France, Bahamas, Switzerland, Norway, Italy and Australia. Marie-Francoise XIX (SUI 228), helmed by Jurg Menzi, opened her winning path in the first race. Otto for Norway and Caracole (FRA 59) for France won also the right to continue the racing after three races, but Marie-Francoise did not allow them any further hope, winning the 4th and 5th races, despite being very closely tailed by her two competitors… Marie-Francoise’s crew shared some proud and wide smiles on yesterday prize giving, handing the « little boy »!

Classic and Evolution boats gathered at sea on Friday for their first races of the Royal Kaag Classic Cup and the Hankø Evolution Cup, each fleet of 5 boats representing France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Among the evolutions, Boomerang (GER 89) displayed a great speed and excellent tactical skills, managing to win the Hankø Evolution Cup by a comfortable margin. The second place was strongly fight by Auguste 1er (FRA 47) and Joker (FRA 50), to the profit of the last one, Joker departing their scoring equality by winning the 4th and last race of the Cup.


In the classic fleet, sadly reduced to three when Favorita (FRA 54) broke her mast foot, the beautifully varnished Nirvana (FRA 46) seemed nearly no match for her competitors by winning the four races: nevertheless was she tailed by Belphegor (SUI 78) and the newly restored Kerhuen (FRA 25), but one once said that the race among just three boats could be the most difficult one… The Royal Kaag Classic Cup was awarded by her previous holder, Maria-Cristina Rapisardi, to Yves Duclos-Grenet, now keeping her for the Yacht Club de l'Odet.

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(photo credit: Kim Chabani)