October 15, 2017

Above: Tara against Orion

On the final day of the XIII Raduno Vele Storiche Viareggio only Tara, ITA 87 (Maria Cristina Rapisardi, Marco Bonzanigo, Giovanni Arrivabene) and Grifone, ITA 42 (Positano Onofrio,
Garofalo Angelo, 
Merola Beppe) competed in the final long distance race. 
The final race was not only for the class but all the other boats together. On a fantastic sunny and light wind day, Tara led the fleet of 62 boats round the first mark, and finished ahead of Grifone.

Maria Cristina Rapisardi commented about the three day regatta, “I am very happy that we had four classics here. It was a big success for the class, but we will try to be more next year, and maybe also try to convince somebody from abroad. We will start soon to advertise the event”

“We hope to see also classic boats in Gravedona (Lake Como) next June for the Swiss/ Italian championship.”

She added that the Raduno Vele Storiche Viareggio, “was a very nice event, very well organized, with 62 classic boats, some big, some small but all racing together, and no protests because the spirit is to compete but in a friendly way.”

“Luckily we had fantastic weather. It was very hot for the middle of October and enough wind to sail.”

Overall results
ITA 78 Tara 1/2/1 (Classic)
ITA 42 Grifone 3/3/2 (Classic)
3 ITA 57 Whisper 2/1/ DNS (Evolution)
4 Z 24 (AUT 9) Artemis II 4/4/DNS (Classic)
5 ITA 21 Violetta IV 5/5/DNS (Classic)

Results Vele D'epoca
1 ITA 78 Tara
2 ITA 42 Grifone

Results of 2 races windward/ leeward
1 ITA 57 Whisper
ITA 78 Tara
ITA 42 Grifone
4 Z 24 (AUT 9) Artemis II
5 ITA 21 Violetta IV