July 17, 2018

On the 6th & 7th of July, 5.5m boats from Australia, Austria, Hamburg and Berlin joined for two days of racing at the famous VSaW sailing club, located on Wannsee in Berlin. Embedded in their "Edelholz"-Regatta - also featuring 22sqm Skerrycruisers and 20sqm Lake-Racers - the 5.5's found ideal conditions with westerly & shifty winds of 6-12 knots, some gusts to 16knots.

Sunshine most of the time! Finding the right side of the Wannsee & Havel Lakes meant a learning curve for some, but even the locals sometimes missed the best spots. Changing positions were the good result. In the end AUS 61 and GER 84 were even in points; winning the last race, AUS 61 took first. Third boat GER 89. Best Classic GER 11.

Pictures of all boats for the crews, silver from VSaW and perpetual trophies form Jörg, Dirk & Georg for best Modern, Evo & Classic boats rounded things up. Besides the top-traveller Martin & Crew, two boats from Austria (AUT 16 & AUT 24) had found their way up North and enjoyed the fun on the water, with a well motivated VSaW regatta-team.

On land the Club also put full throttle on the programme, with very nice evening grill & beer events. The Club has directly invited all Classes present for next year.

SAVE the DATES: 5th to 7th July. Meaning Up-&Downs on Saturday and Sunday, plus an optional long distance race on Friday. The German 5.5m Class Association will have this as a 2019 Key-Regatta in their calendar and will be hopefully greeting many visiting boats from abroad.