March 18, 2019

G'Day Fellow 5.5m Sailors.

I hope you like our new Worlds logo!

With only 10 months to go until the Gold Cup and World Championships return for the fourth time to the iconic Palm Beach Circle, preparations are well underway. All the staff, volunteers and members at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club look forward to welcoming you to Australia and aim to do everything we can to make the 2020 Gold Cup and Worlds a fabulous event to remember.

Notices of Race and Time to get your entries in! The NoRs for the Scandinavian Gold Cup, Kaag Classic Cup, Hanko Cup, Alfreds Gold Cup and the World Championships and the on line entries (and also the off line entries) are now live.

Indicative numbers please confirm? We have heard through the 'rumour mill' that the following Modern boats are definitely coming or very likely to compete (apologies if some of these rumours are erroneous):

AUS 60, AUS 61, AUS 63, BAH 22, BAH 23, GBR 40, GER 79, ITA 79, NOR 57, NOR 64, SUI 201, SUI 209, SUI 214, SUI 217, SUI 219, SUI 226, + 1 Number TBC.

This would give a great fleet of 17 Moderns. We have Evolutions that are shipping and are likely to ship and at least 4 Classics and 6 Evolutions in Australia that have committed to compete. So we should have a fleet of around 30 boats which would be outstanding given Australia's 'tyranny of distance'.

In order to be confident of the numbers and to help with preparations could all Modern boats above and any other boats committed to competing please enter on line or by paper at: (On-line)

or (Paper)

The race course the Palm Beach Circle on the right behind Barrenjoey head.

Classic early morning NE sea breeze building.

Instructions for the shipping of boats- Plan now!

As most of you are aware from our earlier communications our major sponsor Hoegh Autoliners have given very preferential shipping rates. Please find below the instructions for shipping. Please note the information is the same as previously communicated with exception of recent directions from Australian Quarantine to avoid the seasonal threat of a major pest the Brown Maronated Stink Bug. This means that boats shipping before May and after August will require additional certified treatment (above 50C for at 20 minutes). This treatment will result in additional costs to those previously quoted. The estimated cost of treatment is approximately €1,500. These costs can be avoided by shipping in the exemption window May to August. The first boat is now booked to ship for the Gold Cup and Worlds in early May.

Full instructions and details for shipping are available here:

Social events during the championships

It is not all about the competing but also the taking part and friendships! Here is the provisional social programme:

Friday 3rd January.

5.5m Legends Opening Cocktail Party (Free to crew. Additional tickets can be bought at registration). We will be joined by many of your old friends the 'Legend' Australian 5.5m Sailors that have sailed in Olympics, Gold Cups and Worlds.

Followed by an optional informal Chef cooked BBQ (Tickets can be bought at registration

Tuesday 7th January

Scandinavian Gold Cup, Alfreds Gold Cup, Kaag Cup and Hanko Cup Prize Giving and Cocktail Party (Free to crew. Additional tickets can be bought at registration).

Followed by an optional Australian Seafood Buffet (Tickets can be bought at registration).

Thursday 9th January

Australian post-race Party (Free to crew and guests). Classic Australian hospitality on the banks of Pittwater

Monday 13th January

World Championship Prize Giving Cocktail Party (Free to crew. Additional ticket can be bought at registration)

Followed by an optional Prize Giving Dinner -Jacket/blazer and tie (Tickets can be bought at registration.)

It is hoped as with previous Gold Cup and Worlds other National 5.5m Associations will host 'Dock Parties' after the days sailing. The Australian Association will soon be in touch regarding this. Please note: It is not possible to bring any food or significant quantities of alcoholic drink into Australia. However, Australia is a nation of immigrants and most of the Worlds Nations favourite foods are readily available in Sydney.

5.5m Gold Cup and Worlds Country Ambassadors
As mentioned above Australia is a nation of immigrants (25% of Australians were born overseas). Accordingly we are pleased that some members and friends have agreed to act as Country Ambassadors for the Gold Cup and Worlds. These people are fluent in Australian and the grew up in the Country indicated. Please do not hesitate to email them should you have any questions or queries on the events or Sydney.

Tina Ernfridsson – Norway and Sweden
Joachim Fluhrer – Germany
Salvatore Ridulfo - Italy
Virpi Tuite – Finland
Martin Naef- Switzerland (Spanish also)
Dominique Peyrous - France

The 'Alfreds' Gold Cup to be competed for by the Moderns in pre Worlds - Cup regatta. Like with the Kings Cup at Cowes this will be presented photographed then straight back into the cabinet! This is 15 karat Gold and one of the clubs oldest trophies dating back to the early 1900s.