May 5, 2019

For two days boats from Australia, Switzerland and Germany met in Thun, to race the traditional Osterregatta (Easter = Ostern).

While there was plenty of fantastic views towards the snow-white mountains, the wind stayed rather calm. Only one run was finally counted.

Still, happy faces all around, be it at the "Eiertütschen" (Tasting carefully imprinted 5.5m-Eggs), at the enjoyable evening dinner or over talks about boat equipment, tactics and future regattas.

A special remark was given to Martin Cross, who had presented his (together with Bob Stoddard) new boat, 5.5 AUS 63 "Beta Crucis", the former NED 35. Martin also received his new forestay flag, to be flown on many future regatta events, like the "Swiss Open", "Berliner Bär" and the World's.

Enjoy the pictures, which are understandibly not so much race-oriented, but at least digitally those who could not make it to Thun, can participate in the harbour life.

The results