October 21, 2019

Following the success of the 70th Anniversary Yearbook in 2019, the 5.5 Metre Class intends to publish a magazine in 2020 to showcase the class and the racing. Advertising is available in the Magazine, as well as on the press releases, and the class website and is being encouraged from both class equipment suppliers as well as member’s own companies. Production of the Magazine will be solely financed through advertising and dependent on sufficient advertising being generated.

  • Key class information and contacts
  • 2020 Calendar
  • Reports and results from 2019
  • Regional reports
  • Extensive photography from the 2019 season
  • Articles of historical interest
  • Interviews with key personalities
  • Archive of major results
  • Published early 2020

Copies will be distributed to all 5.5 sailors free of charge, and used for promotion of the class at yacht clubs around the world.

With a package deal, advertisers can also gain exposure in the press releases and on the new website when it is completed. Manufacturers also have the opportunity to showcase technical developments and ideas through editorial content.

Please download the attached Media Pack for more information.