October 31, 2019

The Boat-Show-Season has opened up in Hamburg, with the 5.5s being present in form of Modern GER 42 "BEK" and Classic GER 17 "S√ľnnschien".

The "Hamburg Boat Show" was a perfect showcase for the German 5.5m Class Association, reaching out to active regatta sailors as well as to others, who may swap from cruising to racing.

With a perfectly restored Classic (GER 17) and a more recent Modern (GER 42), interested sailors could get first hand info on boat types and a wide range of regatta activities of the International 5.5 Metre Class.

On Saturday Louise & Peter Morton came to visit, in time to present the GER winners with the annual perpetual trophies and to also join the AGM of the German Class Association, followed by a dinner at Norddeutscher Regatta Verein (NRV), host to two of the German 5.5m regattas. This gave members a chance to plan ahead to racing in 2020, 2021 and beyond, with a number of exiting locations being mentioned.

One of the GER key regattas in 2020 will be the "German Open" in Berlin at VSaW, to which Louise & Peter announced the participation of 5.5 GBR 40.

The GER sailors are looking forward to welcoming them and other International visitors to Berlin, in early July 2020.