December 3, 2019

It is a great honour for Dirk Harms (AUT 24, Arcano) to donate the Salzkammergut Prize to the 5.5mR class. The trophy is made of a salt stone and an oak base from the Salzkammergut (above). The Salzkammergut is known for its beautiful landscape and its lakes. It gives the chance to sail next to cliffs as well as plane fields under fair winds.

The Salzkammergut Prize should be a challenge cup. The classic, evolution and modern boats should start as one fleet, whereby the winner of a race shall be determined by timekeeping and in regard of the Yardstick system. The boat, which is the winner over all races, shall be the winner of the Salzkammergut Prize.

The Salzkammergut Prize was last held in September 2019 in the sailing club Altm√ľnster. We welcomed seven participants, including teams from Germany and Switzerland.

The Salzkammergut Prize will again be held from June 18 to June 21, 2020. Stay tuned.