December 24, 2019

One of the historically well known Frank Tolhurst owned 5.5's is in desperate need for being saved.

The boat: 5.5 NOR 39 (ex KA 28, S 59) "Arunga"

The good news: Mats, who is heading the Swedish 5.5m fleet and by profession a wooden boat builder, is prepared to put in a good part of the amount asked by the seller and is promising to restore the boat fully, which is another high valued contribution.

The maths: The seller is asking NOK 25.000,-- plus cranecost NOK 2.400,-- less NOK 13.000,-- from Mats = NOK 14.400,-- or US$ 1.600,-- needed to complete the deal.

The fate: The boat will be cut up and the lead sold in Springtime, if not sold by then. There is no room for discussion.

The means: Mats has a lorry to pick up the boat & a broken mast in Norway, before.

The chance: Please pass your willingness to contribute partial amounts, to Mats Nelson: <>

Once the total sum is in the pot, Mats could pick-up the boat in Norway and start the project.

Thank you for your assistance!

Update - December 29

Saving "Arunga" - the crowdfunding update

The call for help to save "Arunga" (NOR 39, former S 59, originally KA 28) has started to get funds, reducing the Cash-gap of originally US$ 1.600,-- to US$ 940,--

Contributors are so far:

Martin C., Newport € 200,--

K. St., Hamburg € 200,--

Mickey L., USA US$ 100,--

Jens B., Lidingoe € 100,--

Others, please contact Mats re additional transfers, at: Mats Nelson <>

Only US$ 940,-- left to fill the gap, as per today.

Sailors, get onboard!