January 26, 2020

​In order to present the five boats, which have been Olympic medal winners from 1952 to 1968, the Ohlson family is searching two of these boats, whose whereabouts are not known at present:

5.5 D-10 "Web II" - Silver medal winner in 1960 in Naples www.5.5inventory.org/DEN/010

Last location known was Annapolis in the USA, there sailing as 5.5 US 30 "Web II", owned by Norman Owens.

5.5 K-35 "Yeoman XV" - Bronze medal winner in 1968 in Acapulco www.5.5inventory.org/GBR/035

Last location known was Lake of Zurich, there sailing as 5.5 Z 96 "Galatea", owned by J. Toller.

Any hint to former and/or even actual locations will be much appreciated. kasse(at)5point5.de

The other boat's (S-6 Bronze 1952, S-24 Gold 1956 and S-37 Silver 1964) locations are known.​​

There is also a video on YouTube about the Ohlson Project.

The Ohlson family and sailors in the Class are compiling the history of the design office of Ohlson Brothers, Einar & Carl-Erik Ohlson, famous in the Class from its beginnings into the 70s. Ohlson designs were the only ones present on the Olympic podium in all five Olympic sailing regattas from 1952 to 1968.