The first of many "Arunga“ 5.5mR boats of Frank Tolhurst, the 1972 Luders designed and Perdriau built "Arunga“ (KA 28) is on its way to Sweden, for a full restoration. The actual "C“-situation had delayed the pick-up in Norway.

A Swedish-German Crowdfunding initiative had earlier in the year gathered many of our active 5.5m sailors, from Australia, North America and Europe, generously contributing to the project.

To all of them a big Thank You, together with the best wishes to Mats Nelson, who will be entering into a complex renovation work, to present the boat for racing, at a later stage.

The boat had in its glory times won the Scandinavian Goldcup in 1976 for Australia, was placed 2nd in the 1983 World Championship, for Sweden and has been winning the King Olav Cup twice. Also one of her fiercest competitors, "Akuna“ (KA 30) is currently in restoration, in Sweden.

We do look forward to be welcoming 5.5 SWE 59 "Arunga“ and 5.5 SWE 67 "Akuna“ racing, in a not too distant future.