In addition to the championships below, national and regional regattas are organized in every country where the 5.5 class is present, please refer to the individual fleet websites for more information.

World Championship

The annual major event for the 5.5m class, taking place in great sailing venues around the World.

Next to the World Championship Trophy and the Medals presented to the winning crews, a number of Perpetual Trophies for special achievements overall or in selected races are dedicated to winning boats:

  • The Bobby Symonette Trophy
    Donated by the Symonette family to the winning boat in one race of the World Championship, which the family is naming individually for each event.
  • The DEB Trophy
    Donated in 1998 by Camper & Nicholsons for the winning boat of the first race.
  • The Peter Fazer Memorial Trophy
    Donated by the Fazer family in 2002, for the winning boat of the second race.
  • The Roni Pieper Trophy
    Donated by the Pieper family for the 4th boat of the World Championship.
  • The Frank Tolhurst Perpetual Trophy
    Donated in 2005 in Sydney, for the best Evolution boat in the World Championship.
  • The Quail Trophy
    Donated in 1998 by the Shanks family, for the best Classic boat in the World Championship.
  • The Trofeo Italia
    Donated for the first time in 2014 by the Italian 5.5m Class Association to the best finishing boat with attached rudder (rule #10 - at the time of the Olympics).
  • The CORINTHIAN PRIZE was donated in 2019 to be given to the best boat with Amateur Crew.

World Championship

European Championship

In the European Championship, held in those years, in which the annual World Championship is taking place outside of Europe, next to the Medals for the winning Crews, there are perpetual trophies for the European Champion's boat and for the best Evolution boat. The donation of a perpetual trophy for the best Classic boat will be welcomed very much.

The European Championship Evolution Trophy (right)
Donated by the Dutch Class Association for the best Evolution boat in the European Championship

European Championship

Scandinavian Gold Cup

In 1919 Nylandska Jaktklubben NJK in Helsinki instituted the Scandinavian Gold Cup, the idea being to attract Swedish yachts to compete against Finnish yachts of the 40m2 class. The first race was held in Sandhamn, Sweden, organised by the Royal Swedish Yacht Club. The Cup was won by a Swedish yacht.

In 1921 the second race was held in Helsinki during the NJK's 60th anniversary. In 1922, when Finland was a newly elected member of the Scandinavian Yacht Racing Union, NJK handed over the Cup to the Union as an International Prize in the Six-Metre Class. The Gold Cup replaced the One Ton Cup, which had been temporarily transferred to a French boat class.

In 1926 countries from outside Scandinavia participated for the first time in the Cup competition. The Cup was then won by a US yacht. In 1953 the Cup was transferred to the 5.5 Metre Class, which from then on replaced the Six-Metre Class in the Olympic Games.

A total of 69 competitions have been held between 1919 and 1994, every year with the exception of 1920 and the years of WW II, 1940/46, in 1986 two races were sailed. The Scandinavian Gold Cup is a Nation Trophy, one boat only per country.

The Past Winners
2020 Norway NOR 57, Artemis XIV, Kristian Nergaard (Newport)
2019 Norway NOR 57, Artemis XIV, Kristian Nergaard (Helsinki)
2018 Norway NOR 57, Artemis XIV, Kristian Nergaard (Cowes)
2017 Switzerland SUI 228, Marie-Françoise XIX, Jürg Menzi (Benodet)
2016 Denmark DEN 19, Arnold P, Bo Selko (Copenhagen)
2015 France FRA 59, Caracole, Bernard Haissly (Nynäshamn)
2014 Germany GER 79, Mission Possible, Markus Wieser (Porto Santo Stefano)
2013 Norway NOR 57, Artemis X, Kristoffer Spone (Curaçao)
2012 Finland FIN 49 Addam 4, Johan Gullichsen (Boltenhagen)
2011 Finland FIN 66 Kan-Bej 2, Kenneth Thelen (Helsinki)
2010 Norway NOR 57 Artemis X, Kristian Nergaard (Torbole)
2009 Norway NOR 57 Artemis X, Kristian Nergaard (Hanko)
2008 Norway NOR 57 Artémis X, Kristian Nergaard (Nassau)
2007 Switzerland SUI-219 Ali Baba, Bruno Marazzi (San Remo)
2006 Netherlands NED-35 Maitresse, Hans Nadorp (Medemblik)
2005 Switzerland SUI-206 Ali-Baba, Flavio Marazzi (Sydney)
2004 Norway NOR 57 Artémis X, Kristian Nergaard (Hanko-NOR)
2003 Norway NOR 57 Artémis X, Kristian Nergaard (Thun)
2002 Switzerland SUI 204 Marie-Françoise XV, Juerg Menzi (Helsinki)
2001 Bahamas BAH 17 John B Once again, Gavin Mc Kinney(Flensburg)
2000 Bahamas BAH 17 John B once again, Gavin McKinney (Medemblik)
1999 USA USA 97 My Shout, Glen Foster (Torbole)
1998 USA USA 97 My Shout, Glen Foster
1997 Norway Zenda Corn, John Platou
1996 USA USA 97 My Shout, Glen Foster
1995 Finland FIN 44 DoDoToo, Henrik Dahlman
1994 Norway Zenda Corn, Kristian Nergaard
1993 Norway Zenda Corn, Kalle Nergaard
1992 Norway Alfredo, Kalle Nergaard
1991 USA Thunderbunny ,Michael Haines
1990 Norway Alfredo, Kalle Nergaard
1989 Finland Gorgi ,Henrik Lundberg
1988 Switzerland Artemis, Ronald Pieper
1987 USA Gorgi Robert Mosbacher
1986 Finland Tre Gubbar, Jussi Gullichsen
1986 Australia Jan VI, B. Ritchie
1985 Finland Helena, T. Jungell
1984 Switzerld. Alzira, Willy Vollenweider
1983 Bahamas Ballymena, Robert Symonette
1982 Bahamas Ballymena, Robert Symonette
1981 USA Wildfire, Albert Fay
1980 Australia Arunga III, Frank Tolhurst
1979 USA Wildfire, Albert Fay
1978 Australia Arunga III, Frank Tolhurst
1977 Bahamas John B, Robert Symonette
1976 Australia Arunga ,Frank Tolhurst
1975 Australia Antares, M. Morris
1974 Bahamas John B, Robert Symonette
1973 USA Sundance, E.B. Fay
1972 Australia Southern Cross, Frank Tolhurst
1971 USA Tiger, R.E.Turner
1970 USA Nemesis, R.E.Turner
1969 Australia, Pam Gordon. Ingate
1968 Norway Fram IV, HRHP Harald
1967 Sweden Wasa III, Sundelin bros.
1966 USA Pride, E.B. Fay
1965 USA Pride, E.B. Fay
1964 USA Flame, A.B.Fay
1963 USA Pride, E.B. Fay
1962 USA Pride, E.B. Fay
1961 Sweden Nowa, F. Wassem
1960 Sweden Wasa, P. Gedda
1959 Sweden Rush V, L. Thorn
1958 USA Sabre, E.B. Fay
1957 USA Flame, A.B.Fay
1956 Norway Norna VIII, F. Ferner
1955 Italy Twins VII, M. Oberti
1954 Sweden Ian IX, C. Turitz
1953 Sweden Ian IX, C.Turitz

Scandinavian Gold Cup

Royal Kaag Classic Cup

Proposed by Hans Nadorp during the Annual General Meeting of 1999 in Torbole, the Classic Cup is sailed at the same time as the Gold Cup by the “Classics". The idea was to promote both the classic yachts and the Gold Cup by giving the first a cup of their own and to the second a larger fleet. Both competitions have some similarities in their rules. The Classic Cup is now a fleet racing series.

The first edition of the Classic Cup was disputed in Medemblik a few days before the World Championship 2000 and the first winner was the Dutch boat of Piet van Opzeeland - Topaze - racing for the Netherlands. In recent years "Carabella" has been dominating the scene, with "Apriori" constantly showing comparable performance.

The Past Winners
2020 Baragoola, AUS 26 Damian Macey
2019 Tara, FIN 53 (Chance) Roope Juhonen
2018 Cowes, ITA-73 Carabella (Chance 70), Alfredo Delli
2017 Benodet, FRA 46, Nirvana, William Borel
2016 Copenhagen, ITA 78, Tara, MC Rapisardi
2015 Nynäshamn, ITA 78, Tara, MC Rapisardi
2014 Porto Santo Stefano, SUI 100, Cybelle II, Armando Daldini
2013 Benodet, ITA-73, Carabella (Chance 70), Alfredo Delli
2012 Boltenhagen, GER 33, Lutz von Meyerinck
2011 Helsinki, ITA-73 Carabella (Chance 70), Alfredo Delli
2010 Torbole, ITA-73 Carabella (Chance 70), Alfredo Delli
2009 Hanko, ITA-73 Carabella (Chance 70), Alfredo Delli
2008 Nassau, ITA-73 Carabella (Chance 70), Alfredo Delli
2007 San Remo, ITA-73 Carabella (Chance 70), Alfredo Delli
2006 Medemblik, ITA-73 Carabella (Chance 70), Alfredo Delli
2005 Sydney, ITA-73 Carabella (Chance 70), Alfredo Delli
2004 Hanko, FIN-26 Chaje 3 (Luders 1964), Matti, Uula and Matias Muoniovaara
2003 Thun, NED 11 Topaze, Piet van Opzeeland
2002 Helsinki, FIN-26 Chaje 3, Matti, Uula & Matias Muoniovaara
2001 Flensburg, NED 13 Tripel, Sander Van der Post
2000 Medemblik, NED 12 Topaze, Piet van Opzeeland

Royal Kaag Classic Cup

Hankø Evolution Cup

Initiated in 2009 and donated by the Norwegian Class Association, the Hankø Evolution Cup is promoting the participation of 5.5m Evolution boats in races prior to and then in the World Championships. The rules go practically in line with the Classic Cup, also offering a fleet race.

The first edition of the Evolution Cup was held in Helsinki a few days before the World Championship 2011 and the first winner was the German boat GER 75 "Above the line". Evolution boats from Norway and Germany have been the first participants.

The Past Winners
2020 Newport, AUS 62, Ku-Ring-Gai, John Bacon
2019 Helsinki, AUS 62, Ku-Ring-Gai, John Bacon
2018 Cowes, FRA 50, Joker, Adrien Polaillon
2017 Benodet, GER 89, Bommerang, Falk Einecke
2016 Copenhagen, SWE 65, Odyssée, Bernhard Rost
2015 Nynäshamn, SWE 64, Pop's John B, J. Busch
2014 Porto San Stefano 5.5 GER 82 "Sinewave"
2013 Benodet 5.5 GER 84 "Ali Baba"
2012 Boltenhagen, AUS 82 My Shout, Matti Muoniovaara
2011 Helsinki, GER-75 Above the line (Muir/Lexcen 88), Jens Maladinsky

Hankø Evolution Cup

5-Nations Cup

Initiated by a group of Modern sailors in 2011 in order to concentrate the Internationally active boats at selected events, the 5-Nations-Cup is sailed for at the annually nominated 5 top-regatta-events, not being a World- or European Championship. The participants go for low points, the prices are perpetual Cups; best used for a good Port, aboard.

The first edition of the 5-Nations-Cup was held in 2012 and has since seen the perpetual Cups travelling around the world, to please the winning crews.

The deed of gift had in its initial year three out of five countries (SUI, NED, GER) set; additional countries chosen have so far been Australia, Austria, France, Italy and Norway. National 5.5m Class Associations can apply to have their country incorporated. In the end, the donor is for each year naming the countries and race events. Any boat participating in at least one race is accumulating points from all races, there is one discard.

For 2020 the chosen events of 5 countries are: Australian Nationals (AUS), Swiss Open (SUI), Hankoe Race Week (NOR), German Open (GER), French Open (FRA).

The Past Winners
2020 AUS 63 (Modern), AUS 62 (Evolution), AUS 26 (Classic)
2019 SUI 228 (Modern), GER 84 (Evolution), AUS 26 (Classic)
2018 BAH 21 (Modern), GER 84 (Evolution), AUS 26 (Classic)
2017 BAH 21 (Modern) CAN 30 (Evolution), CAN 22 (Classic)
2016 SUI 228 (Modern), GER 89 (Evolution), ITA 73 (Classic)
2015 BAH 21 (Modern), GER 82 (Evolution), GER 33 (Classic)
2014 SUI 214 (Modern), GER 81 (Evolution), GER 66 (Classic)
2013 GER 55 (Modern), GER 82 (Evolution), AUS 16 (Classic)
2012 NED 31 (Modern), GER 75 (Evolution), FRA 38 (Classic)

5-Nations Cup

Enoshima Trophy

In memory of the initial International splendor of the Class, the participation in Olympic Games form 1952 to 1968, 5.5mR boats still in configuration of the then applicable rules - particular mentioning to rule 10 (attachend rudder) - are meeting every two years in changing locations for a particular regatta.

The memorizing races first taking place on Lago di Como in 2012, gave good acceptance and have since convinced Dr. Herbert "Biwi" Reich, Olympic participant with 5.5 G-12 "Subbnboana" in Japan in 1964, to donate the "Enoshima Trophy", for the 2014 Vintage Classic Race Meeting at DTYC in Tutzing, Lake of Starnberg.

And, as Biwi was deciding to making it a perpetual trophy, sailors of the Vintage Classic 5.5mR boats will be racing again, in two year time spans, for this very valuable piece of art.

The donor has also set the obligation to have the races use the 10-5-0 starting procedure of past times, to be sailing on an Olympic triangle course and that points are being counted the old logarithmic way.

The Past Winners
2018 GER 12
2016 ITA 33
2014 ITA 32
2012 FIN 46

Enoshima Trophy

Alpen Cup

With the intention to establish an important 5.5m annual regatta event on the Garda Lake, Jürg Menzi has in 2006 donated the "Alpen Cup" trophy. Since then, the Swiss 5.5m Class Association is organizing this regatta around end of April each year. With good International participation from Finland to Italy and from the Bahamas to Dubai, the "Alpen Cup" has found many friends.

The past winners
2019 GBR 40
2018 NOR 57
2017 BAH 21
2016 BAH 21
2015 BAH 21
2014 SUI 224
2013 GER 79
2012 SUI 226
2011 FIN 50
2010 SUI 214
2009 BAH 19
2008 - most contenders in the Bahamas for the Worlds...
2007 SUI 214
2006 SUI 217

Alpen Cup