The Class offers a wide range of International regattas in selected prime locations. Many of the 5.5 Metre owners and crew are traveling long distance for both experiencing fascinating destinations and true camaraderie. Shown in Category A are the dates of the International events, then in Category B some of the local events; there are more regattas held for 5.5s in local fleets regularly. Please contact the National Class Associations for further information on their respective schedules.



6-8 August, Scandinavian Gold Cup, Hanko, Norway
10-14 August, World Championship, Hanko, Norway

[1-11 September, Cups and Worlds, Torbole, Italy (backup venue)]


28 Feb-2 March, Australian Nationals, Newport, AUS
TBA, North American Spring Regatta
22-24 April, Alpen Cup, Torbole, ITA (5 Nations Cup 1)
3-6 June, Swiss Open, Spiez, SUI (5 Nations Cup 2)
19-20 June (TBC), Salzkammergutpreis, AUT (5 Nations Cup 3)
24-26 June, Hanko Race Week, Hanko, NOR (5 Nations Cup 4)
27-29 August, German Open , Berlin, GER (5 Nations Cup 5)
1-11 September (3-4 days racing), Alpen Cup “Autumn Edition”, Torbole, ITA
20-24 September, Regates Royales/French Open, Cannes, FRA 20
1-3 October, Herbstpreis, Thun, SUI

5th-7th March, 5.5mR Ski-Yachting, St. Johann (Pongau), Austria [skipper (at)]
10 -16 May La Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan
13-16 May, Regatta-Training & "Willi Lehmann Preis", Langer See, Berlin (WSV 1921)
29 May - 3  June, 1er Open de France Métrique 1st French Open Metric
4-6 June, "Tutzinger Halbe", Starnberger See, Tutzing (DTYC)

5.-6 June, "Bronia Preis", Alster, Hamburg (NRV)
18-20 June, 18-19-20 CHALLENGE METRIQUE - ETAPE 1

18-20 June, Enoshima Trophy, UYCT, Gmunden, Traunsee, AUT
10-11 July, "Berliner Bär", Wannsee & Havel, Berlin (VSaW)

16-17 September, " Sünnschien Preis", Alster, Hamburg (NRV)



​3-7 January, 2020, Scandinavian Gold Cup, Pittwater, RPAYC, Australia
4-7 January, 2020, Royal Kaag Classic Cup & Hankø Evolution Cup, Pittwater, RPAYC, Australia
6-7 January, 2020, Alfred's Gold Cup, Pittwater, RPAYC, Australia
9-13 January 2020, World Championship, Pittwater, RPAYC, Australia (More information) Club website
25-29 Aug, European Championship, San Remo, ITA Entry Form More Information Notice of Race


1-3 March, Australian National Championship, RRAYC Website [5-Nations-Cup 1]
23-25 April, Alpen Cup, Torbole, ITA [CANCELLED]
18-21 June, North American Spring Regatta, MBSC, Midland, Lake Huron, CAN [CANCELLED]
18-21 June, Swiss Open, YCSp, Spiez, Lake Thun, SUI [5-Nations-Cup 2] Manage2Sail [CANCELLED]
19-21 June Salzkammergut-Preis, UYCT, Gmunden, Lake Traunsee, AUT Registration NoR English Summary [CANCELLED]
25-27 June, Hankø Race Week, KNS, Hankø, Skagerrak, NOR [5-Nations-Cup 3] Manage2Sail [CANCELLED]
3-5 July, German Open, VSaW, Berlin, Wannsee [5-Nations-Cup 4] Manage2Sail [CANCELLED]
22-25 September, Regates Royales/French Open, Cannes, FRA [5-Nations-Cup 5] Manage2Sail NoR


29 February to 8 March, Festival of Fives, RPAYC
6-8 March 5.5mR Ski-Yachting, St. Johann (Pongau), Austria [skipper (at)]
10-11 April, Osterregatta, Thunersee Yacht Club, SUI Manage2Sail [CANCELLED]
1-3 May, "TEST IT NOW"! [Inviting sailors to testsail 5.5's & Regatta training of the Berlin boats] Berlin, WSV 1921 [CANCELLED]
21-22 May, Coup de la Harpe, Rolle, Club Nautic Morgien, SUI Manage2Sail [CANCELLED]
23-24 May, Memorial J Faini, Rolle, Club Nautic Rolle, SUI Manage2Sail [CANCELLED]
12-14 June Tutzinger Halbe, Starnberger See, Tutzing (DTYC), GER,, Manage2Sail [CANCELLED]
14-18 June, Open Métrique Atlantique, Port Louis, FRA [CANCELLED]
19-21 June, Enoshima Trophy, Union Yacht Club Traunsee, Gmunden, Lake Traunsee, AUT Registration NoR [CANCELLED]
26-28 June, Challenge Métrique, Benodet, FRA, [CANCELLED]
11-12 July Berliner Bär, Wannsee & Havel, Berlin (VSaW), GER, Manage2Sail [CANCELLED]
11-14 July, Challenge Métrique, La Trinité sur mer, FRA, [CANCELLED]
31 July - 2 August, Challenge Métrique, Noirmoutier, FRA, [CANCELLED]
15-16 August, Sünnschien Preis, Alster, Hamburg (NRV), GER, Manage2Sail
28-30 August, North American Fall Regatta, Midland, Lake Huron, CAN [Cancelled]
10-13 September, Vele d'epoca Imperia/Italian Championship, Imperia, ITA Website
​9-11 October, Herbstpreis, Thunersee YC, SUI Manage2Sail

Future championships (some dates TBD)

2022 | Proposal | World Championship | Germany | Location & Timing tbd
2024 | Proposal | World Championship | USA, Chesapeake Bay | Timing tbd
2024 | Proposal | World Championship | Bahamas, Lyford Cay | Timing tbd [Evtl. combination autumn '24 USA, Spring '25 Bahamas]